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The Institute of Human Genetics (Institut de Génétique Humaine, IGH) is a major CNRS unit dedicated to excellence in fundamental research and pathology. The principal research interests of the IGH are genome dynamics, developmental genetics, epigenetics, and molecular and cellular pathology.

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On this cover (Mol. Cell vol 67, Issue 3, Aug.07, 2017): An artistic view of a novel role of the paraspeckle, a multi-subunit complex containing the protein HEXIM1 and NEAT1 long non-coding RNA. Morchikh and colleagues (pp. 387–399 - PMID: 28712728) report that paraspeckles are structures that sense foreign DNA in the nucleus and regulate DNA-mediated activation of innate immune response through the cGAS-STING pathway.
Painting by Fabrice Hyber, a French contemporary artist. ©Fabrice Hyber and Organoid-Pasteur, a database of images created by artists to represent scientific research.

Seminars of the month @ IGH

No scheduled seminar this month. The next one will be:

  • 22-09-2017 () "Mapping genomic regulatory architecture and interpreting non-coding variation with capture HiC"
    Mikhail SPIVAKOV (Babraham Institute - Regulatory Genomics Group - Cambridge UK)

Some recent papers

  • Lin, YL., Pasero, P. "Transcription-Replication Conflicts: Orientation Matters" (2017), CELL: 170(4):603-604 PubMed
  • Morchikh, M., Cribier, A., Raffel, R., Amraoui, S., Cau, J., Severac, D., Dubois, E., Schwartz, O., Bennasser, Y., Benkirane, M. "HEXIM1 and NEAT1 lncRNA form a multi subunit complex that regulates DNA-mediated innate immune response" (2017), Mol. Cell: 37, 3, 387-399 PubMed
  • Rahmoun M, Lavery R, Laurent-Chaballier S, Bellora N, Philip GK, Rossitto M, Symon A, Pailhoux E, Cammas F, Chung J, Bagheri-Fam S, Murphy M, Bardwell V, Zarkower D, Boizet-Bonhoure B, Clair P, Harley VR, Poulat F. "In mammalian foetal testes, SOX9 regulates expression of its target genes by binding to genomic regions with conserved signatures" (2017), Nucleic Acids Res.: PubMed
  • Akkouche, A., Mugat, B., Barckmann, B., Varela-Chavez, C., Li, B., Raffel, R., Pelisson, A., Chambeyron, S. "Piwi Is Required during Drosophila Embryogenesis to License Dual-Strand piRNA Clusters for Transposon Repression in Adult Ovaries" (2017), Molecular Cell: 66, 3, 411-419 PubMed
  • Ciabrelli F, Comoglio F, Fellous S, Bonev B, Ninova M, Szabo Q, Xuéreb A, Klopp C, Aravin A, Paro R, Bantignies F, Cavalli G "Stable Polycomb-dependent transgenerational inheritance of chromatin states in Drosophila" (2017), Nat. Genet.: PubMed
  • Descours B, Petitjean G, López-Zaragoza JL, Bruel T, Raffel R, Psomas C, Reynes J, Lacabaratz C, Levy Y, Schwartz O, Lelievre JD, Benkirane M. "CD32a is a marker of a CD4 T-cell HIV reservoir harbouring replication-competent proviruses" (2017), NATURE: 546(7660):686 PubMed
  • Hodroj D, Recolin B, Serhal K, Martinez S, Tsanov N, Abou Merhi R, Maiorano D "An ATR-dependent function for the Ddx19 RNA helicase in nuclear R-loop metabolism" (2017), EMBO J.: 36(9):1182-1198 PubMed
  • Grey C, Clément JA, Buard J, Leblanc B, Gut I, Gut M, Duret L, de Massy B. "In vivo binding of PRDM9 reveals interactions with noncanonical genomic sites" (2017), Genome Res.: 27(4):580-590 PubMed
  • Rodríguez-Martínez, M., Pinzón, N., Ghommidh, C., Beyne, E., Seitz, H., Cayrou, C., Méchali, M. "The gastrula transition reorganizes replication origin selection in Caenorhabditis elegans " (2017), Nature Structural & Molecular Biology: 24(3):290-299 PubMed
  • Viziteu E, Klein B, Basbous J, Lin YL, Hirtz C, Gourzones C, Tiers L, Bruyer A, Vincent L, Grandmougin C, Seckinger A, Goldschmidt H, Constantinou A, Pasero P, Hose D, Moreaux J. "RECQ1 helicase is involved in replication stress survival and drug resistance in multiple myeloma" (2017), Leukemia: PubMed
  • Pinzon, N., Li, B., Martinez, L., Sergeeva, A., Presumey, J., Apparailly, F., Seitz, H "microRNA target prediction programs predict many false positives" (2017), Genome Res: 27, 2, 234-245 PubMed

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Mapping genomic regulatory architecture and interpreting non-coding variation with capture HiC
22-09-2017, Mikhail SPIVAKOV (Babraham Institute - Regulatory Genomics Group - Cambridge UK)

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Web Site France-Japan Epigenetics Workshop-2017
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Web Site The CRISPR revolution: from bacterial immunity to functional genomics
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Lin, YL., Pasero, P.. Transcription-Replication Conflicts: Orientation Matters (2017), CELL.
Schauer T, Ghavi-Helm Y, Sexton T, Albig C, Regnard C, Cavalli G, Furlong EE, Becker PB.. Chromosome topology guides the Drosophila Dosage Compensation Complex for target gene activation (2017), EMBO Rep..

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