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The Institute of Human Genetics (Institut de Génétique Humaine, IGH) is a major CNRS unit dedicated to excellence in fundamental research and pathology. The principal research interests of the IGH are genome dynamics, developmental genetics, epigenetics, and molecular and cellular pathology.

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Les entreprises et les doctorants innovent ensemble

Au sein d’équipes mixtes, composées d'entreprises (dirigeant, direction, pôle R&D et innovation...) de tout domaine et de doctorants, les participants devront créer un projet innovant sur un thème commun donné en début de journée. A l'issue de deux phases de travail, les équipes devront faire un pitch présentant leur projet devant un jury de professionnels.

A new epigenetic mechanism mediating tumor suppression by Polycomb proteins

The Cavalli lab shows that a complex of Polycomb group proteins has a tumor suppressor activity that depends on its specific binding to hundreds of genes involved in the control of proliferation, cell signaling and polarity. This activity was discovered in Drosophila, but the same chromosomal binding pattern is observed in differentiated human cells, suggesting that this phenomenon might be conserved in some human tumors. This study, published in the journal Nature Genetics, opens new perspectives in the field of carcinogenesis.
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Seminars of the month @ IGH

  • 07-10-2016 (12h00) "Epigenetic mechanisms in nerve regeneration"
    Valeria CAVALLI (https://hopecenter.wustl.edu/?faculty=valeria-cavalli-phd)
  • 11-10-2016 (11h30) "Probing host-virus interactions in the gut microbiome by proximity ligation (chromosome capture) assay"
    Romain KOSZUL (Institut Pasteur, PARIS)
  • 14-10-2016 (11h30) "Generation of Neural Diversity"
    Claude DESPLAN (NYU Biology, Washington, USA)

Some recent papers

  • Bonev B, Cavalli G. "Organization and function of the 3D genome" (2016), Nat Rev Genet: 17(11):661-678 PubMed
  • Stanzione M, Baumann M, Papanikos F, Dereli I, Lange J, Ramlal A, Tränkner D, Shibuya H, de Massy B, Watanabe Y, Jasin M, Keeney S, Tóth A "Meiotic DNA break formation requires the unsynapsed chromosome axis-binding protein IHO1 (CCDC36) in mice" (2016), Nat Cell Biol.: PubMed
  • Loubière, V., Delest, A., Thomas, A., Bonev, B., Schuettengruber, B., Sati, S., Martinez AM., Cavalli, G. "Coordinate redeployment of PRC1 proteins suppresses tumor formation during Drosophila development" (2016), Nature Genetics: doi:10.1038/ng.3671 PubMed
  • Bregnard, C, Guerra, J, Dejardin, S, Passalacqua, F, Benkirane, M, Laguette, N "Upregulated LINE-1 Activity in the Fanconi Anemia Cancer Susceptibility Syndrome Leads to Spontaneous Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Production" (2016), EBioMedicine: 8, 184-194 PubMed
  • Ribeyre C, Zellweger R, Chauvin M, Bec N, Larroque C, Lopes M, Constantinou A "Nascent DNA Proteomics Reveals a Chromatin Remodeler Required for Topoisomerase I Loading at Replication Forks" (2016), Cell Rep: 15, 2, 300-309 PubMed
  • Robert T, Nore A, Brun C, Maffre C, Crimi B, Bourbon HM, de Massy B "The TopoVIB-Like protein family is required for meiotic DNA double-strand break formation" (2016), SCIENCE: 351(6276):943-9 PubMed

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    ----- @IGH

    Seminar series on Genome Dynamics: Splicing-dependent mRNA quality control in Drosophila
    25-11-2016, Klaus Forsterman (LMU, Gene Center Munich, Genzentrum & Dept. Biochemie, Munich, Germany)

    Seminar series on genome Dynamics: New vision of heredity to promote the Inclusive Evolutionary Synthesis
    16-12-2016, Etienne DANCHIN (Evolution and biological diversity laboratory Ecole Nationale de Formation Agronomique Toulouse)

    ----- @Int'l

    Web Site Architecture and Plasticity of the Cell Nucleus
    29-11-2016, ENSA Paris-Val de Seine, Fr.

    Web Site Transcription-Replication Crosstalk and Genome Instability
    14-11-2016, Roscoff, France

    IGH papers 1518 Publications

    ... the 2 last ones

    Chartier A, Joly W, Simonelig M.. Measurement of mRNA Poly(A) Tail Lengths in Drosophila Female Germ Cells and Germ-Line Stem Cells (2017), Methods Mol Biol..
    Stanzione M, Baumann M, Papanikos F, Dereli I, Lange J, Ramlal A, Tränkner D, Shibuya H, de Massy B, Watanabe Y, Jasin M, Keeney S, Tóth A. Meiotic DNA break formation requires the unsynapsed chromosome axis-binding protein IHO1 (CCDC36) in mice (2016), Nat Cell Biol..

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