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The Institute of Human Genetics (Institut de Génétique Humaine, IGH) is a major CNRS unit dedicated to excellence in fundamental research and pathology. The principal research interests of the IGH are genome dynamics, developmental genetics, epigenetics, and molecular and cellular pathology.

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Seminar Series on Molecular Bases of Human Diseases

Amphitheater Genopolys, at 11:30, from October 16th to May 19th

Seminars of the month @ IGH

  • 02-02-2016 (14h00) "Post-doc Interview: Functional Characterization of p53-Induced Noncoding Transcript (Lincpint)"
    Oskar MARIN (Huarte Lab)

  • 19-02-2016 (11h30) "Temporal regulation of genome replication"
    Conrad A. NIEDUSZYNSKI (Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford, UK)

Some recent papers

  • Menolfi D, Delamarre A, Lengronne A, Pasero P, Branzei D. "Essential Roles of the Smc5/6 Complex in Replication through Natural Pausing Sites and Endogenous DNA Damage Tolerance" (2015), Mol. Cell: 60(6):835-46 PubMed
  • Rojas-Rios, P., Chartier, A., Pierson, S., Severac, D., Dantec, C., Busseau, I., Simonelig, M. "Translational Control of Autophagy by Orb in the Drosophila Germline" (2015), Developmental Cell: 35, 5, 622-631 PubMed
  • Cayrou C, Ballester B, Peiffer I, Fenouil R, Coulombe P, Andrau JC, van Helden J, Méchali M. "The chromatin environment shapes DNA replication origin organization and defines origin classes" (2015), Genome Res: 25(12):1873-85 PubMed
  • Cavalli, G. "PRC1 proteins orchestrate three-dimensional genome architecture" (2015), Nat Genet: 47(10):1105-6 PubMed
  • Traver S, Coulombe P, Peiffer I, Hutchins JR, Kitzmann M, Latreille D, Méchali M "MCM9 Is Required for Mammalian DNA Mismatch Repair" (2015), Mol Cell: 59(5):831-839 PubMed
  • Barckmann,B., Pierson,S., Dufourt, J., Papin, C., Armenise, C., Port, F., Grentzinger, T., Chambeyron, S., Baronian, G., Desvignes, JP., Curk, T., Simonelig, M. "Aubergine iCLIP Reveals piRNA-Dependent Decay of mRNAs Involved in Germ Cell Development in the Early Embryo" (2015), Cell Rep: 12(7):1205-1216 PubMed
  • Kermi, C., Prieto, S., van der Laan, S., Tsanov, N., Recolin, B., Uro-Coste, E., Delisle, M-B., and Maiorano, D. "Rad18 is a maternal limiting factor that suppresses the UV-dependent DNA damge checkpoint in Xenopus embryos" (2015), Developmental Cell : 34(3):364-372 PubMed
  • Reynaud E, Lahaye LL, Boulanger A, Petrova IM, Marquilly C, Flandre A, Martianez T, Privat M, Noordermeer JN, Fradkin LG, Dura JM "Guidance of Drosophila Mushroom Body Axons Depends upon DRL-Wnt Receptor Cleavage in the Brain Dorsomedial Lineage Precursors" (2015), Cell Rep: 11(8):1293-304 PubMed
  • Gonzalez I, Munita R, Agirre E, Dittmer TA, Gysling K, Misteli T, Luco RF. "A lncRNA regulates alternative splicing via establishment of a splicing-specific chromatin signature" (2015), Nat Struct Mol Biol: 22, 5, 370-376 PubMed
  • Fragkos M, Ganier O, Coulombe P, Méchali M "DNA replication origin activation in space and time" (2015), Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol: 16(6):360-74 PubMed
  • Ide, S., Dejardin, J. "End-targeting proteomics of isolated chromatin segments of a mammalian ribosomal RNA gene promoter" (2015), Nat. Commun.: 6, 6674 PubMed
  • Borde V, de Massy B "Meiosis: early DNA double-strand breaks pave the way for inter-homolog repair" (2015), Dev Cell: 32(6):663-4 PubMed
  • Sexton, T., Cavalli, G. "The Role of Chromosome Domains in Shaping the Functional Genome" (2015), CELL: 160, 6, 1049–1059 PubMed
  • Marzec, P., Armenise, C., Perot, G., Roumelioti, F.M., Basyuk, E., Gagos, S., Chibon, F., Dejardin, J. "Nuclear-Receptor-Mediated Telomere Insertion Leads to Genome Instability in ALT Cancer" (2015), CELL: 160, 5, 913-927 PubMed

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Seminar series on Molecular Bases of Human diseases: Recognition of DNA by the innate immune system
14-03-2016, Søren RIIS PALUDAN (Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University, Denmark)

Seminar series on Molecular Bases of Human diseases: Endogenous DNA damage and the production of blood - a tale of two aldehydes
01-04-2016, Ketan J. PATEL (Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK)

Seminar series on Molecular Bases of Human diseases: DNA replication stress and cancer
22-04-2016, Tano HALAZONETIS (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Seminar series on Molecular Bases of Human diseases: The Road to Utopia: Challenges in linking literature and research data
19-05-2016, Terri ATTWOOD (Life Sciences and School of Computer ScienceThe University of Manchester, UK)

Building neural circuits interconnecting the left and right sides of the central nervous system: molecular mechanisms of midline crossing
03-06-2016, Valérie Castellani (INMG - Université de lyon1)

----- @Int'l

Web Site Multiple functions of piRNAs and PIWI proteins
06-04-2016, Montpellier, France

Web Site ICTE2016: International Congress on Transposable Elements
16-04-2016, Saint-Malo, France

IGH papers 1486 Publications

... the 2 last ones

Poli J, Gerhold CB, Tosi A, Hustedt N, Seeber A, Sack R, Herzog F, Pasero P, Shimada K, Hopfner KP, Gasser SM.. Mec1, INO80, and the PAF1 complex cooperate to limit transcription replication conflicts through RNAPII removal during replication stress (2016), Genes Dev..
Lub S, Maes A, Maes K, De Veirman K, De Bruyne E, Menu E, Fostier K, Kassambara A, Moreaux J, Hose D, Leleu X, King RW, Vanderkerken K, Van Valckenborgh E.. Inhibiting the anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome induces a metaphase arrest and cell death in multiple myeloma cells (2016), Oncotarget..

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