Cavalli Lab

Chromatin and Cell Biology


1991-1994: PhD, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

1995-1998: Postdoc, University of Heidelberg
Since 1999: Group leader, CNRS

Institute of Human Genetics
141, rue de la Cardonille
F-34396 Montpellier, France

Phone +33-(0)4 34 35 99 70       FAX +33-(0)4 34 35 99 01
Giacomo Cavalli discovered transgenerational inheritance of chromatin states in metazoan by working on Polycomb and Trithorax group proteins in Drosophila during his post doc in the lab of Renato Paro.

The Cavalli lab has shown that the 3D structure of chromosomes can be epigenetically heritable and that it contributes to genome regulation. Furthermore, they provided the first high-resolution description of the principles of genome folding in metazoans.

Finally, the Cavalli lab showed that PcG proteins regulate cell proliferation and have tumor suppression activiy in flies.

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