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Part of our research involves advanced light microscopy approaches. A large amount of teaching and tutorial material is available on the web in this field. In this page, I would like to post some useful links.

In addition, you will find here tutorial material developed in our lab and from our interactions with collaborators.

Useful links: in the pages mentioned below you will find more material and links to relevant imaging sites.

MRI Imaging   A core regional facility microscopy with strong and vast methodological and technical expertise in many fields of imaging, in addition to
state-of-the-art instrumentation and
a capacity for advanced training. Our laboratory is part of this facility as an "associated research group specialized in high spatial resolution imaging".

Super-resulution microscopy  Breaking the Abbe limits of resolution for optical microscopes has now become possible, thanks to several independent developments, such as SIM, STED, STORM/PALM and other related techniques !! What was before science fiction is not increasingly becoming routine. check out the wikipedia link above for some more information on this.

Optical microscopy primer  
A web-based teaching resource with extremely good quality material. The site is regularly updated to meet technological advances in the microscopy field.

Wikipedia: deconvolution   This is a site based on "Wiki" web programming (see here for explanations), i.e. a resource site with possiblity to edit and enter new information yourself! The Wikipedia is a large Editable encyclopedia, and the link is about  restoration of microscopically acquired images by the process of "Deconvolution".


Download a tutorial on image restoration by deconvolution

This turorial was developed by Volker Bäcker, a software engineer who works in the MRI Imaging facility.


Last update: 06/09/2016