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Lab protocols:

Polytene chromosome protocols
Protocols on polytene chromosome immunostaining, or for combinations of immunostaining and DNA Fluorescent In Situ hybrization (FISH)

1) Immunostaining of polytene chromosomes - PDF format (40 Kb)

...or combine Immunostaining with DNA FISH:
2) Immunostaining of polytenes followed by DNA in situ fluorescent hybridization - PDF format (1.1 Mb). This protocol also contains comments and troubleshooting section. It has been published. Its citation is: Lavrov, S., Déjardin, J., and Cavalli, G. (2004). Combined immunostaining and FISH analysis of polytene chromosomes. Methods Mol Biol 247, 289-303.

... or do it the other way around:
3) In situ fluorescent hybridization followed by immunostaining. This protocol contains a discussion on when and why try first FISH and then Immuno- or vice versa. It is posted in the website "Epigenesys".

Go to the online version of the protocol (see protocol N.4) !
or download  a pdf version of this protocol by clicking here.

Two-colour fluorescent in situ DNA hybridization on whole mount Drosophila embryos and larval imaginal discs

This protocol contains a step-by-step procedure for in situ DNA hybridization of different types of Drosophila tissues. The protocol is posted in the website of "Epigenesys".

Go to the online version of the protocol
(see protocol N.7) !

Transgenesis in Drosophila

Download a detailed protocol for Transgenesis in Drosophila - PDF format (460 Kb)

This protocol contains detailed instructions and a troubleshooting section, schemes and pictures of all critical steps of the injection procedure, and also a description of the crosses one needs to do to establish and characterize stable transgenic lines once the transrformants have been obtained


Last update: 07/09/2016