The "3D Organization of our Genome” video Chromatin and cell biology

A video illustrating the organization of the genome in 3D has been released by the Cavalli team. The video summarizes the current understanding of genome organization in the three-dimensional space of the cell nucleus. It illustrates the different layers of chromosome organization, from nucleosomes, which envelop 146 base pairs of DNA, to chromosome territories, which can contain hundreds of millions of base pairs of DNA sequence. Between these two extremes, the hierarchical folding of the chromatin fiber into "nucleosome clusters", "chromatin nanodomains or CNDs", "Topologically Associating Domains or TADs" (including their formation mechanism via loop-extrusion) and "Compartments A and B" are presented.
In the description of the video, references can be found that complete the content.

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Thanks to :
Fred Bantignies, IGH, CNRS et Univ. de Montpellier, France
Quentin Szabo, Dept Mol Life Sciences, University of Zürich, Suisse
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Arkitek Scientific