Congrés (co-) organisés par l'IGH

DINGO meeting: DNA Damage Response Innate Immunity & Inflammation

Début Jeudi 21 Juin 2018
Fin Vendredi 22 Juin 2018

Contact IGH : Philippe Pasero
Institut Curie, Paris


Genomic instability is an invariant property of cancer cells that is characterized with an increased rate of mutations and gross chromosome rearrangements. Spontaneous DNA damage is detected very early in the cancer process, as a consequence of oncogene-induced replication stress. Recent evidence indicate that replication stress, and more generally DNA Damages, promote the release of DNA fragments that accumulate in the cytosol and activates the cGAS-STING pathway and activate the expression of interferon genes and the inflammatory response. Since both radiation- and chemo-therapy frequently target DNA and DNA replication, DNA damage-induced cytokines secretions and inflammatory response should have strong implications in cancer therapy. We wish to bring together cancer biologists, immunologists and basic research scientists in the field of DNA Damage Response, to foster interactions and scientific discussions.

Registrations are open from 4th of April until 12th of May. The registration is free but mandatory.

A poster session will be organized but the number of Poster is limited to 40.
A selection will be made if necessary.