Régulation des gènes

  • All organisms must regulate the expression of their genes to achieve the silencing of certain genes, and the activation of others during development and homeostasis. Disregulation of gene expression frequently has dire consequences, and can lead to pathologies such as cancer. The regulation of gene expression occurs at different levels, all of which depend on a multitude of factors. Chromatin is a primary regulator of gene expression. Physical compaction of the genome into chromatin controls accessability to the transcription machinery. Studies performed over recent years have revealed the enormous complexity involved in modifying chromatin to regulate gene expression.


    Xavier Contreras
    Contreras Xavier
    Rosemary Kiernan
    Kiernan Rosemary
    Sylvie Rouquier
    Rouquier Sylvie
    Callum Burnard
    Burnard Callum
    Céline Franckhauser
    Franckhauser Céline
    Victor Mac
    Mac Victor
    Giuseppa Grasso
    Grasso Giuseppa


    [Nuclear RNA surveillance complexes control HIV-1 transcription].

    Salifou K, Kiernan R, Contreras X

    2019 - Med Sci (Paris), 35(2):113-115

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    An NF90/NF110-mediated feedback amplification loop regulates dicer expression and controls ovarian carcinoma progression.

    Barbier J, Chen X, Sanchez G, Cai M, Helsmoortel M, Higuchi T, Giraud P, Contreras X, Yuan G, Feng Z, Nait-Saidi R, Deas O, Bluy L, Judde JG, Rouquier S, Ritchie W, Sakamoto S, Xie D, Kiernan R

    2018 - Cell Res, 28(5):556-571

    Demander l'article complet29563539

    Nuclear RNA surveillance complexes silence HIV-1 transcription.

    Contreras X, Salifou K, Sanchez G, Helsmoortel M, Beyne E, Bluy L, Pelletier S, Rousset E, Rouquier S, Kiernan R

    2018 - PLoS Pathog, 14(3):e1006950

    Demander l'article complet29554134

    Identification of histone 3 variant 2 interacting factors

    Latreille D, Bluy L, Benkirane M, Kiernan RE.

    2014 - Nucleic Acids Res., 42,6, 3542-3550

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