Vient de paraitre dans Cell

The 3D organization of the genome has emerged recently as intimately linked to its biological function, yet its relation to cell fate during development not understood. Bonev et al. (Cavalli's team) used ultrahigh resolution Hi-C maps to characterize changes in 3D nuclear architecture during mouse neural development and identified multiple factors that influence the dynamics of chromatin interactions. The drawing represents an artistic view of a mouse embryo, hands grasping each other symbolizing chromatin contacts and multiple scales of compaction associated with the chromatin fiber. Hi-C contacts maps are shown in the background.
Photo Credit: Adrien Méchali
Bonev, B., Mendelson Cohen, N., Szabo, Q., Fritsch, L., Papadopoulos, G., Lubling, Y., Xu, X., Hugnot, JP., Tanay, A., Cavalli, G. "Multi-scale 3D genome rewiring during mouse neural development." (2017), CELL: 171(3):557-572