General public

The IGH regularly organizes events for the general public to make scientific research understandable and accessible to all.

One of the objectives is to open the doors of the institute, to share knowledge with the general public and to promote knowledge of the processes and professions of research among young people in order to awaken future vocations.

The IGH supports and participates in numerous events organized each year with the aim of making science more accessible to all.

> Declics meetings on November 15 and December 17, 2021Les rencontres Declics

The FSER Circle is a Laboratory and a disseminator of innovative experiences in mediation.
It leads various actions to bring science in general (and biology in particular) closer to society.
The annual "Declics" meetings aim to promote knowledge of the processes and professions of research among young people.
Declics is an action that consists in bringing research teams to high schools to exchange in a privileged way with students divided into small groups.
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> The Apprentice Researchers project at Genopolys from November 2021 to May 2022 Les rencontres Declics

Created by the "Arbre des Connaissances" association, this project allows middle and high school students to visit research laboratories throughout the school year, supervised in pairs by research professionals (researchers, doctoral students, post-doctoral students, engineers).
One Wednesday afternoon per month, the students carry out a scientific project on a research topic of the laboratory. At the end of the school year - June 2022 - an Apprentice Researchers' Congress will be organized at Genopolys.
The teenagers will present their work in public and receive a certificate of initiation to research.
Apprentice researchers congress Genopolys 2020
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