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The IGH is strongly involved in the sharing and dissemination of scientific culture, with two objectives that go beyond the transmission of scientific knowledge:

  • to make the processes of scientific research understandable and accessible to all
  • to promote the knowledge of research careers among young people in order to awaken future vocations

To this end, the IGH supports and participates in numerous events that facilitate exchanges between researchers and the public: regular participation in the Fête de la Science, interventions in schools (Rencontres Declics), open house operations, opportunities for internships adapted to middle and high school students (Apprentis Chercheurs, hosting interns from the 9th grade), and general public conferences.

Graphic transcription (in French) of the evening of 11/28/2023 organized by AddictAuxSciences (@AdictoSciences on X ex twitter) at the Gazette Café in Montpellier in the presence of Francis Poulat who enlightened us on sex determination (how do we become a girl or a boy?).Thank you Franca Lombard for your graphic look at our research!


> IGH Tours for Middle School or High School Classes


Once or twice a year, the Institute of Human Genetics (IGH), in collaboration with Genopolys, hosts a middle or high school class along with their teacher. The researchers, engineers, and technicians at IGH delight in acquainting them with various aspects of genetic research conducted at the institute.

On May 17, 2024, it was Madame Gartet's class from Jacou College that graced us with their presence. The Drosophila geneticists engaged them in their daily activities, having them sort flies by sex and phenotype, and guiding them through ovary dissections. The cell and molecular biologists organized a workshop in which they first investigated the sexual reproductive abilities of the Tetrahymena by examining a cross test, then the students performed and analyzed PCR tests using electrophoretic migration. The imaging team (MRI) provided an exhilarating demonstration of the advanced microscopes utilized at IGH. Finally, a conference clarifying the concept of evolution through natural selection ended an enriching day.


> Participations in the Declics meetings of the FSER circle

Les rencontres DeclicsThe Declics meetings aim to promote the knowledge of research processes and jobs to young people, by bringing research teams to high schools to have a privileged exchange with students in small groups. 
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> Participation in the Apprentice Researchers project of the Association Arbres des connaissances with Genopolys


[2024 programme]

One Wednesday afternoon per month, pairs of middle and high school students are hosted in a research laboratory where they carry out a scientific project under the supervision of researchers, PhD students, post-docs and engineers. At the end of the school year, a Researchers' Apprentice conference is organized at Genopolys, during which they present their work in public and receive a research initiation certificate. Genopolys website - "Arbre des Connaissances" association

Research apprentices at the IGH

> Participation in the science village as part of the Fête de la Science

  • Village des Sciences 2019 : Workshop "from fly to man"
    This workshop aims to show how flies and other small animals can be useful to understand genetic diseases and to accelerate medical research. The strong point of the workshop is the experimental part, in a scientific research situation: handling of sleeping drosophila, observation under a binocular magnifying glass, sorting of males and females and mutants, among which flies made carriers of degenerative diseases

Website Fête de la Science

> Videos of scientific popularization and master classes proposed by the igh research teams

The team Systemic impact of small regulatory RNAs