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Descours et al. reply.

Descours B, Petitjean G, Benkirane M

2018 - Nature, 561(7723):E29

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Use of IMGT® Databases and Tools for Antibody Engineering and Humanization.

Lefranc MP, Ehrenmann F, Kossida S, Giudicelli V, Duroux P

2018 - Methods Mol Biol, 1827:35-69

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piRNAs and PIWI proteins: regulators of gene expression in development and stem cells.

Rojas-Ríos P, Simonelig M

2018 - Development, 145(17)

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Mrc1 and Rad9 cooperate to regulate initiation and elongation of DNA replication in response to DNA damage.

Bacal J, Moriel-Carretero M, Pardo B, Barthe A, Sharma S, Chabes A, Lengronne A, Pasero P

2018 - EMBO J

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PRDM9, a driver of the genetic map.

Grey C, Baudat F, de Massy B

2018 - PLoS Genet, 14(8):e1007479

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DDK Has a Primary Role in Processing Stalled Replication Forks to Initiate Downstream Checkpoint Signaling.

Sasi NK, Coquel F, Lin YL, MacKeigan JP, Pasero P, Weinreich M

2018 - Neoplasia, 20(10):985-995

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[EZH2 is therapeutic target for personalized treatment in multiple myeloma].

Herviou L, Cavalli G, Moreaux J

2018 - Bull Cancer

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Polycomb-Dependent Chromatin Looping Contributes to Gene Silencing during Drosophila Development.

Ogiyama Y, Schuettengruber B, Papadopoulos GL, Chang JM, Cavalli G

2018 - Mol Cell, 71(1):73-88.e5

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Intergenerational effects on mouse sperm quality after in utero exposure to acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Rossitto M, Marchive C, Pruvost A, Sellem E, Ghettas A, Badiou S, Sutra T, Poulat F, Philibert P, Boizet-Bonhoure B

2018 - FASEB J, :fj201800488RRR

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XPC is an RNA polymerase II cofactor recruiting ATAC to promoters by interacting with E2F1.

Bidon B, Iltis I, Semer M, Nagy Z, Larnicol A, Cribier A, Benkirane M, Coin F, Egly JM, Le May N

2018 - Nat Commun, 9(1):2610

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Exploring the Roles of CREBRF and TRIM2 in the Regulation of Angiogenesis by High-Density Lipoproteins.

Wong NKP, Cheung H, Solly EL, Vanags LZ, Ritchie W, Nicholls SJ, Ng MKC, Bursill CA, Tan JTM

2018 - Int J Mol Sci, 19(7)

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Recruitment of ubiquitin-activating enzyme UBA1 to DNA by poly(ADP-ribose) promotes ATR signalling

Ramhari Kumbhar, Sophie Vidal-Eychenié, Dimitrios-Georgios Kontopoulos, Marion Larroque, Christian Larroque, Jihane Basbous, Sofia Kossida, Cyril Ribeyre, Angelos Constantinou

2018 - Life Science Alliance, June 2018 | Volume 1, No. 3

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Sex reversal following deletion of a single distal enhancer of Sox9.

Gonen N, Futtner CR, Wood S, Garcia-Moreno SA, Salamone IM, Samson SC, Sekido R, Poulat F, Maatouk DM, Lovell-Badge R

2018 - Science, 360(6396):1469-1473

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Small RNA-Mediated trans-Nuclear and trans-Element Communications in Tetrahymena DNA Elimination.

Noto T, Mochizuki K

2018 - Curr Biol

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A role for SOX9 in post-transcriptional processes: insights from the amphibian oocyte.

Penrad-Mobayed M, Perrin C, L'Hôte D, Contremoulins V, Lepesant JA, Boizet-Bonhoure B, Poulat F, Baudin X, Veitia RA

2018 - Sci Rep, 8(1):7191

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SAMHD1 acts at stalled replication forks to prevent interferon induction.

Coquel F, Silva MJ, Técher H, Zadorozhny K, Sharma S, Nieminuszczy J, Mettling C, Dardillac E, Barthe A, Schmitz AL, Promonet A, Cribier A, Sarrazin A, Niedzwiedz W, Lopez B, Costanzo V, Krejci L, Chabes A, Benkirane M, Lin YL, Pasero P

2018 - Nature, 557(7703):57-61

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ARRIGE Arrives: Toward the Responsible Use of Genome Editing

Montoliu Lluis, Merchant Jennifer, Hirsch François, Abecassis Marion, Jouannet Pierre, Baertschi Bernard, Sarrauste de Menthière Cyril, and Chneiweiss Hervé

2018 - The CRISPR Journal , Vol 1 Issue 2

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An NF90/NF110-mediated feedback amplification loop regulates dicer expression and controls ovarian carcinoma progression.

Barbier J, Chen X, Sanchez G, Cai M, Helsmoortel M, Higuchi T, Giraud P, Contreras X, Yuan G, Feng Z, Nait-Saidi R, Deas O, Bluy L, Judde JG, Rouquier S, Ritchie W, Sakamoto S, Xie D, Kiernan R

2018 - Cell Res, 28(5):556-571

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Nuclear RNA surveillance complexes silence HIV-1 transcription.

Contreras X, Salifou K, Sanchez G, Helsmoortel M, Beyne E, Bluy L, Pelletier S, Rousset E, Rouquier S, Kiernan R

2018 - PLoS Pathog, 14(3):e1006950

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Coupling of Single Molecule, Long Read Sequencing with IMGT/HighV-QUEST Analysis Expedites Identification of SIV gp140-Specific Antibodies from scFv Phage Display Libraries.

Han SY, Antoine A, Howard D, Chang B, Chang WS, Slein M, Deikus G, Kossida S, Duroux P, Lefranc MP, Sebra RP, Smith ML, Fofana IBF

2018 - Front Immunol, 9:329

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