Digital PCR platform

The IGH’s digital PCR platform is an open access core facility for researchers needing access to digital PCR technology. Advances in digital PCR technology bring exquisite sensitivity, precision and accuracy to DNA/RNA detection and amplification. Advantages of digital PCR’s high sensitivity include rare-event detection and absolute quantification. The new QX600 6-plex droplet digital PCR platform offers high throughput multiplexed detection of up to 12 target DNA/RNA sequences simultaneously. 

The platform provides users with:

  • A white room with restricted access allowing optimal conditions for the study of rare events without any risk of contamination. Users can perform nucleic acids extraction there as well as “pre-amplification” steps under a reserved ddPCR hood. Storage spaces (4°C/-20°C) are provided to the users of the platform.
  • A droplet generator and a plate sealer for the generation of samples partition or single-cell encapsulation.
  •  The last generation 6-plex droplet reader QX600 that offers the highest level of multiplexing (FAM, HEX, Cy5, Cy5.5, ROX, and ATTO 590). Experiments in EvaGreen can also be performed.

User training and follow-up:

  • A training is mandatory for new users to get open access to the white room and the platform.
  • The platform provides team’s support for the design and the follow-up of experiments, if requested.


Head of the platform :