Women and science

Due to a chronic underrepresentation of women in the top positions of most research institutions world wide, the condition of women in science has been the subject of intense debate. As an example, two studies showed that both males and female evaluators rank differently identical CVs when they are attributed to male or female applicants (see Sex Roles 1999 & PNAS 2012). These and other studies suggest that gender equality is still far from common practice and that efforts should be undertaken at multiple levels to fill the gap between the present situation and the goal of reaching a situation of true equal opportunity for female and male scientists.

The Institute of Human Genetics is interested in promoting gender equality at all levels of its organization. In national and international studies (see links at the bottom of the page), there is an underrepresentation of women at the top scientific positions of the Institute. To correct this bias, we encourage applications of women at top research levels and commit to a gender-aware hiring policy and career follow-up.

46% men
54% women

Useful links for more information on gender equality: