IMGT® - the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®

Molecular bases of human diseases

The research activities of the Laboratoire d’ImmunoGénétique Moléculaire (LIGM), created in March 1983 at Montpellier by the Professors Marie-Paule Lefranc and Gérard Lefranc (University of Montpellier and CNRS) since 1998 at the Institute of Human Genetics (IGH), are focused on molecular immunogenetics, immunoinformatics, bioinformatics and rare genetic diseases. We are studying the genetics, structures, functions and repertoires of the immunoglobulins (IG) of B lymphocytes and plasmocytes, and of the T cell receptors (TR) on T lymphocytes, which are essential components of the adaptive immunity in humans and other vertebrates with jaws (Gnathostomata).

In 1989, IMGT®, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®, which is at the birth of immunoinformatics, was created by Marie-Paule Lefranc (University of Montpellier and CNRS). Founded on the IMGT-ONTOLOGY concepts and IMGT Scientific chart rules developed by the LIGM team, IMGT® has become the global reference in immunogenetics and immunoinformatics and a pioneer in solving Immunoinformatic challenges. IMGT® is a CNRS registered trademark (EU, Canada and USA). IMGT® has been certified ISO 9001:2008 since 2010 and NFX 50-900 since 2014.

IMGT® is specialized in the IG, TR and major histocompatibility (MH) proteins of vertebrates, and in the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF), MH superfamily (MhSF) and related proteins of the immune system (RPI) of invertebrates and vertebrates. IMGT® is a high-quality integrated knowledge resource which provides a common access to expertly annotated genes, sequences and structures. IMGT® includes seven databases (IMGT/LIGM-DB, a biocurated database of 178,929 IG and TR nucleotide sequences with translation from 351 species in May 2017; IMGT/GENE-DB, IMGT/CLL-DB, IMGT/PRIMER-DB, IMGT/2Dstructure-DB, IMGT/3Dstructure-DB and IMGT/mAb-DB), seventeen interactive tools and more than 20,000 pages of Web resources. IMGT/DomainGapAlign is widely used for antibody engineering and design of humanized antibodies as it allows the precise definition of FR-IMGT and CDR-IMGT and the standardized comparison of the amino acid sequences between the nonhuman (mouse, rat…) V domains and the closest human germline genes. IMGT/HighV-QUEST, the first and so far the only online portal for IG and TR Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, has analysed to date (April 2017) more than 12.5 billions of IG and TR sequences, from 2043 users (45% USA, 35% Europe, 20% other countries).

Since July 1995, IMGT® is available on the Web. IMGT® is used by researchers and scientists, academic and from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, involved in fundamental research, medical research (autoimmune and infectious diseases, AIDS, leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma), veterinary research, genomics (genome diversity and evolution of the adaptive immune system), biotechnology related to antibody engineering for humanization of therapeutic antibodies, diagnostics (detection of minimal residual diseases) and therapeutic approaches (grafts, immunotherapy, vaccinology). The IMGT® Web server at Montpellier is accessed by more than 80,000 sites per year. IMGT® has an exceptional response with more than 150,000 requests per month.

Antibodies represent a large number of the pharmaceutical substances submitted to the World Health Organization International Nonproprietary Names (WHO INN) Programme. The INN definition of antibodies is based on the IMGT-ONTOLOGY concepts. Since 2008, amino acid sequences of monoclonal antibodies (mAb, INN suffix -mab), of fusion proteins for immune applications (FPIA) and composite proteins for clinical applications (CPCA) from WHO INN have been entered into IMGT®. These therapeutic applications emphasize the importance of the IMGT-ONTOLOGY concepts in bridging the gap between antibody sequences and 2D and 3D structures.

Another research interest, in collaboration mainly with the Unit of Medical Genetics, St-Joseph University, Beirut, and also with other teams in Tunisia and Algeria and the Children’s Hospital of Boston (Pr Raif GEHA) concerns rare Immuno Deficiencies and autosomal recessive genetic diseases in consanguineous families (there are as many as 25% of marriages between cousins, often first cousins and even double-first). The patients are autozygous (homozygous by descent) for very rare mutated genes and haplotypes, present in the common ancestor(s) of their parents. These exceptional genotypes are invaluable starting points to allow the identification more quickly of the yet unknown mutated genes. Their functions in the cell organization or in signaling pathways, including epigenetic and silencing by microARN, are unmasked and can be investigated. The genetic counselling can be performed in these families.

The better understanding of the molecular basis of the pathophysiology allows better choices in the development of diagnostic tools and innovative therapeutics. This research is beneficial not only for monogenic diseases, but also for complex ones. Indeed, the consanguinity, responsible also for homozygosity of large chromosomal regions, identical by descent, permits to discover more easily the genetic networks. This approach is also valid for the search of genetic susceptibility or protection against infectious diseases.

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Inferred Allelic Variants of Immunoglobulin Receptor Genes: A System for Their Evaluation, Documentation, and Naming.

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+ Genetic Instability and Cancer

Thymoquinone Potently Enhances the Activities of Classically Activated Macrophages Pulsed with Necrotic Jurkat Cell Lysates and the Production of Antitumor Th1-/M1-Related Cytokines.

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Use of IMGT® Databases and Tools for Antibody Engineering and Humanization.

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Coupling of Single Molecule, Long Read Sequencing with IMGT/HighV-QUEST Analysis Expedites Identification of SIV gp140-Specific Antibodies from scFv Phage Display Libraries.

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Immunogenetic factors driving formation of ultralong VH CDR3 in Bos taurus antibodies

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Facial cutaneo-mucosal venous malformations can develop independently of mutation of TEK gene but may be associated with excessive expression of Src and p-Src

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Web Sites of Interest to Immunologists.

Lefranc M.P.

Human Immunoglobulin Heavy Gamma Chain Polymorphisms: Molecular Confirmation Of Proteomic Assessment.

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Restricting nonclassical MHC genes coevolve with TRAV genes used by innate-like T cells in mammals.

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COPD characteristics in subjects carrying the rare alpha-1 antitrypsin variant PIMMmalton

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Structuprint: a scalable and extensible tool for two-dimensional representation of protein surfaces

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IMGT/StatClonotype for Pairwise Evaluation and Visualization of NGS IG and TR IMGT Clonotype (AA) Diversity or Expression from IMGT/HighV-QUEST

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IMGT/HighV-QUEST statistical significance of IMGT clonotype (AA) diversity per gene for standardized comparisons of next generation sequencing immunoprofiles of immunoglobulins and T cell receptors

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Antibody Informatics: IMGT, the International ImMunoGeneTics Information System

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From IMGT-ONTOLOGY to IMGT/HighV-QUEST for NGS immunoglobulin (IG) and T cell receptor (TR) repertoires in autoimmune and infectious diseases

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DrugOn: a fully integrated pharmacophore modeling and structure optimization toolkit

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A Novel Mutation of the hGR Gene Causing Chrousos Syndrome

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A broad range of mutations in HIV-1 neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies specific for V2, V3, and the CD4 binding site

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Immunoglobulin heavy variable (IGHV) genes and alleles: new entities, new names and implications for research and prognostication in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

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The Role of Recent Admixture in Forming the Contemporary West Eurasian Genomic Landscape

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The extended clinical phenotype of 64 patients with dedicator of cytokinesis 8 deficiency.

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IMGT®, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system® 25 years on

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How to use IMGT® for therapeutic antibody engineering

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IMGT® immunoglobulin repertoire analysis and antibody humanization.

Lefranc MP.

Antibody informatics: IMGT®, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®

Lefranc MP

Lack of TEK Gene Mutation in Patients with Cutaneomucosal Venous Malformations from the North-Western Region of Algeria.

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Antibody informatics for drug discovery

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2. Immunoinformatics of the V, C, and G Domains: IMGT(®) Definitive System for IG, TR and IgSF, MH, and MhSF.

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Characteristics of the somatic hypermutation in the Camelus dromedarius T cell receptor gamma (TRG) and delta (TRD) variable domains.

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Immunoglobulin and T Cell Receptor Genes: IMGT(®) and the Birth and Rise of Immunoinformatics

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Antibody V and C Domain Sequence, Structure, and Interaction Analysis with Special Reference to IMGT(®).

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DBAASP: Database of Antimicrobial Activity and Structure of Peptides

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Flow cytometry biomarkers distinguish DOCK8 deficiency from severe atopic dermatitis.

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Plasmacytoid dendritic cell depletion in DOCK8 deficiency: rescue of severe herpetic infections with IFN-α 2b therapy.

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Dedicator of cytokinesis 8-deficient patients have a breakdown in peripheral B-cell tolerance and defective regulatory T cells.

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Characterization of a new V gene replacement in the absence of activation-induced cytidine deaminase and its contribution to human B-cell receptor diversity

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IMGT® information system

Lefranc MP.


Giudicelli V and Lefranc M.-P

Deep dermatophytosis and inherited CARD9 deficiency.

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Association Analysis of IL10, TNF-α, and IL23R-IL12RB2 SNPs with Behçet's Disease Risk in Western Algeria.

Khaib Dit Naib O, Aribi M, Idder A, Chiali A, Sairi H, Touitou I, Lefranc G, Barat-Houari M

IMGT unique numbering

Lefranc MP.

Deep dermatophytosis and inherited CARD9 deficiency.

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IMGT Collier de Perles

Lefranc MP

A homozygous mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue 1 (MALT1) mutation in a family with combined immunodeficiency.

Jabara HH, Ohsumi T, Chou J, Massaad MJ, Benson H, Megarbane A, Chouery E, Mikhael R, Gorka O, Gewies A, Portales P, Nakayama T, Hosokawa H, Revy P, Herrod H, Le Deist F, Lefranc G, Ruland J, Geha RS


Lefranc M.-P and Lefranc G.

The intellectual disability of trisomy 21: differences in gene expression in a case series of patients with lower and higher IQ.

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Homozygous stop mutation in the SNX10 gene in a consanguineous Iraqi boy with osteopetrosis and corpus callosum hypoplasia.

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Teleost Fish Mount Complex Clonal IgM and IgT Responses in Spleen upon Systemic Viral Infection

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The Past, Present, and Future of Immune Repertoire Biology - The Rise of Next-Generation Repertoire Analysis

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IMGT/HighV QUEST paradigm for T cell receptor IMGT clonotype diversity and next generation repertoire immunoprofiling.

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A novel homozygous mutation in recombination activating gene 2 in 2 relatives with different clinical phenotypes: Omenn syndrome and hyper-IgM syndrome.

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Clinical, molecular, and cellular immunologic findings in patients with SP110-associated veno-occlusive disease with immunodeficiency syndrome.

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DOCK8 functions as an adaptor that links TLR-MyD88 signaling to B cell activation.

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DNA replication is altered in Immunodeficiency Centromeric instability Facial anomalies (ICF) cells carrying DNMT3B mutations.

Lana E, Mégarbané A, Tourrière H, Sarda P, Lefranc G, Claustres M, De Sario A

A novel deletion in ZBTB24 in a Lebanese family with immunodeficiency, centromeric instability, and facial anomalies syndrome type 2.

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Stereotyped B-cell receptors in one-third of chronic lymphocytic leukemia: a molecular classification with implications for targeted therapies

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IMGT/HighV-QUEST: the IMGT® web portal for immunoglobulin (IG) or antibody and T cell receptor (TR) analysis from NGS high throughput and deep sequencing

Alamyar E, Giudicelli V, Li S, Duroux P, Lefranc MP

IMGT(®) tools for the nucleotide analysis of immunoglobulin (IG) and T cell receptor (TR) V-(D)-J repertoires, polymorphisms, and IG mutations: IMGT/V-QUEST and IMGT/HighV-QUEST for NGS

Alamyar E, Duroux P, Lefranc MP, Giudicelli V

IMGT/DomainGapAlign: the IMGT® tool for the analysis of IG, TR, MH, IgSF, and MhSF domain amino acid polymorphism

Ehrenmann F, Lefranc MP

Organization, complexity and allelic diversity of the porcine (Sus scrofa domestica) immunoglobulin lambda locus

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Evolution of the porcine (Sus scrofa domestica) immunoglobulin kappa locus through germline gene conversion

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Human Gm, Km, and Am allotypes and their molecular characterization: a remarkable demonstration of polymorphism

Lefranc MP, Lefranc G

Cytomegalovirus-specific CD8+ T cells targeting different peptide/HLA combinations demonstrate varying T-cell receptor diversity

Giest, S., McWhinnie, A., Lefranc, MP., Little, AM., Grace, S., Mackinnon, S., Madrigal, JA., Travers, PJ

Diversity, Molecular Characterization and Expression of T Cell Receptor γ in a Teleost Fish, the Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax, L)

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Mass Spectrometry Detection of G3m and IGHG3 Alleles and Follow-Up of Differential Mother and Neonate IgG3.

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Use of IMGT(®) databases and tools for antibody engineering and humanization

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Antigen receptor stereotypy across B-cell lymphoproliferations: the case of IGHV4-59/IGKV3-20 receptors with rheumatoid factor activity

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Combined analysis of EPHX1, GSTP1, GSTM1 and GSTT1 gene polymorphisms in relation to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease risk and lung function impairment.

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Update in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: role of antioxidant and metabolizing gene polymorphisms.

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Heterochromatic genes undergo epigenetic changes and escape silencing in immunodeficiency, centromeric instability, facial anomalies (ICF) syndrome.

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Correlation of EPHX1, GSTP1, GSTM1, and GSTT1 genetic polymorphisms with antioxidative stress markers in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Lakhdar R, Denden S, Mouhamed MH, Chalgoum A, Leban N, Knani J, Lefranc G, Miled A, Ben Chibani J, Khelil AH

T cell diversity and TcR repertoires in teleost fish.

Castro R, Bernard D, Lefranc MP, Six A, Benmansour A, Boudinot P

From IMGT-ONTOLOGY IDENTIFICATION Axiom to IMGT Standardized Keywords: For Immunoglobulins (IG), T Cell Receptors (TR), and Conventional Genes.

Lefranc, MP

) IMGT/JunctionAnalysis: IMGT Standardized Analysis of the V-J and V-D-J Junctions of the Rearranged Immunoglobulins (IG) and T Cell Receptors (TR).

Giudicelli, V., Lefranc, MP

From IMGT-ONTOLOGY DESCRIPTION Axiom to IMGT Standardized Labels: For Immunoglobulin (IG) and T Cell Receptor (TR) Sequences and Structures.

Lefranc, MP

IMGT Collier de Perles for the Variable (V), Constant (C), and Groove (G) Domains of IG, TR, MH, IgSF, and MhSF

Lefranc, MP

IMGT, the International ImMunoGeneTics Information System.

Lefranc, MP

IMGT/V-QUEST: IMGT Standardized Analysis of the Immunoglobulin (IG) and T Cell Receptor (TR) Nucleotide Sequences

Giudicelli, V., Brochet, X., Lefranc, MP

IMGT Unique Numbering for the Variable (V), Constant (C), and Groove (G) Domains of IG, TR, MH, IgSF, and MhSF

Lefranc, MP

IMGT/Collier de Perles: IMGT Standardized Representation of Domains (IG, TR, and IgSF Variable and Constant Domains, MH and MhSF Groove Domains).

Ehrenmann, F., Giudicelli, V., Duroux, P., Lefranc, MP

From IMGT-ONTOLOGY CLASSIFICATION Axiom to IMGT Standardized Gene and Allele Nomenclature: For Immunoglobulins (IG) and T Cell Receptors (TR).

Lefranc, MP

IMGT/DomainGapAlign: IMGT Standardized Analysis of Amino Acid Sequences of Variable, Constant, and Groove Domains (IG, TR, MH, IgSF, MhSF).

Ehrenmann, F., Lefranc, MP

Analysis of somatic hypermutations of immunoglobulin gene rearrangements in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Expression and genomic analyses of Camelus dromedarius T cell receptor delta (TRD) genes reveal a variable domain repertoire enlargement due to CDR3 diversification and somatic mutation

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Antibody nomenclature: From IMGT-ONTOLOGY to INN definition

Lefranc, MP.

Familial Mediterranean fever in a large Lebanese family: Multiple MEFV mutations and evidence for a Founder effect of the p.[M694I] mutation.

Medlej-Hashim, M., Chouery, E., Salem, N., Delague, V., Lefranc, G., Loiselet, J., Mégarbané, A.

IMGT/3Dstructure-DB: Querying the IMGT Database for 3D Structures in Immunology and Immunoinformatics (IG or Antibodies, TR, MH, RPI, and FPIA)

Ehrenmann, F., Lefranc, MP

Microsomal epoxide hydrolase gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the Tunisian population.

Lakhdar R, Denden S, Knani J, Leban N, Daimi H, Hassine M, Lefranc G, Chibani JB, Khelil AH

Standardized sequence and structure analysis of antibody using IMGT®

Ehrenmann F., Duroux P., Giudicelli V. and Lefranc M.-P.

A Mise au point: déficit en alpha 1 antitrypsine. A review: alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency

Denden S., Lakhdar R., Leban N., Daimi H., El Hayek D., Knani J., Perrin P., Lefranc G., Ben Chibani J. and Haj Khelil A.

Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome in the Tunisian population.

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Restricted V gene usage and VH/VL pairing of mouse humoral response against the N-terminal immunodominant epitope of the amyloid β peptide

Robert, R., Lefranc, MP., Ghochikyan, A., Agadjanyan, MG., Cribbs, DH., Van Nostrand, WE., Wark, KL., Dolezal, O.

ImmunoGrid: towards agent-based simulations of the human immune system at a natural scale.

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Relationship between glutathione S-transferase P1 polymorphisms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a Tunisian population

Lakhdar R, Denden S, Knani J, Leban N, Daimi H, Hassine M, Lefranc G, Ben Chibani J, Haj Khelil A.

+ Development and Pathology of the gonad

From IMGT-ONTOLOGY to IMGT/LIGMotif: the IMGT(R) standardized approach for immunoglobulin and T cell receptor gene identification and description in large genomic sequences

Lane J, Duroux P, Lefranc MP.

A novel paradigm for cell and molecule interaction ontology: from the CMM model to IMGT-ONTOLOGY

Pappalardo, F., Lefranc, MP., Lollini, PL., Motta, S

Association of GSTM1 and GSTT1 polymorphisms with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a Tunisian population

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Hemoglobinopathies in North Africa: a review.

Haj Khelil, A., Denden, S., Leban, N., Daimi, H., Lakhdhar, R., Lefranc, G., Ben Chibani, J., Perrin , P

IMGT/3D Structure-DB and IMGT/DomainGapAlign: a database and a tool for immunoglobulins or antibodies, T cell receptors, MHC, IgSF and MhcSF

Ehrenmann, F., Kaas, Q., Lefranc, MP.

A new familial sclerosing bone dysplasia.

Chouery, E., Pangrazio, A., Frattini, A., Villa, A., Van Wesenbeeck, L., Piters, E., Van Hul, W., Coxon, F., Schouten, T., Helfrich, M., Lefranc, G., Mégarbané, A.

Annotation and classification of the bovine T cell receptor delta genes

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Antibody databases and tools: The IMGT® experience.

Lefranc MP.

IMGT® standardized analysis of immunoglobulin rearranged sequences.

Giudicelli V. and Lefranc M.-P.

Antibody databases: IMGT® a french platform of world-wide interest.

Lefranc, MP.

Protective effect of diclofenac towards the oxidative stress induced by paracetamol toxicity in rats

Aouacheri, W., Saka, S., Djafer, R., Lefranc, G

Biochemical and molecular diagnosis of alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency in a Tunisian family

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Alteration of sarcoplasmic reticulum ca release in skeletal muscle from calpain 3-deficient mice.

Dayanithi G, Richard I, Viero C, Mazuc E, Mallie S, Valmier J, Bourg N, Herasse M, Marty I, Lefranc G, Mangeat P, Baghdiguian S

Isolation of a human-like antibody fragment (scFv) that neutralizes ricin biological activity

Pelat T., Hust M., Hale M., Lefranc M.-P., Dübel S and Thullier P

Human Immunoglobulin Allotypes: Possible implications for immunogenicity

Jefferis, R and Lefranc, M.-P.

ImmunoGrid, an integrative environment for large-scale simulation of the immune system for vaccine discovery, design and optimization.

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IgG1 heavy chain-coding gene polymorphism (G1m allotypes) and development of antibodies-to-infliximab.

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The B7 family of immunoregulatory receptors: A comparative and evolutionary perspective.

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) IMGT(R), the international ImMunoGeneTics information system(R).

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The deduced structure of the T cell receptor gamma locus in Canis lupus familiaris

Massari, S., Bellahcene, F., Vaccarelli, G., Carelli, G., Mineccia, M., Lefranc, MP., Antonacci, R., Ciccarese, S.

IMGT/V-QUEST: the highly customized and integrated system for IG and TR standardized V-J and V-D-J sequence analysis.

Brochet X, Lefranc MP, Giudicelli V

IMGT, the International ImMunoGeneTics Information System for Immunoinformatics : methods for querying IMGT databases, tools, and web resources in the context of immunoinformatics.

Lefranc MP

IMGT standardization for molecular characterization of the T cell receptor/peptide/MHC complexes.

Kaas, Q., Duprat, E., Tourneur, G. and Lefranc M.P

Admixture and sexual bias in the population settlement of La Réunion Island (Indian Ocean).

Berniell-Lee G, Plaza S, Bosch E, Calafell F, Jourdan E, Césari M, Lefranc G, Comas D

NF-kappaB-dependent expression of the antiapoptotic factor c-FLIP is regulated by calpain 3, the protein involved in limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A.

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Alpha 1 antitrypsin polymorphism in the tunisian population with special reference to pulmonary disease

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IMGT-Kaleidoscope, the formal IMGT-ONTOLOGY paradigm

Duroux, P., Kaas, Q., Brochet, X., Lane, J., Ginestoux, C., Lefranc, MP., Giudicelli, V.

IMGT, a system and an ontology that bridge biological and computational spheres in bioinformatics

Lefranc, MP., Giudicelli, V., Regnier, L., Duroux, P.

Alpha 1 antitrypsin polymorphism associated to asthma and emphysema in a central Tunisian population.

Haj-Khelil, A., Denden, S., Hlioui, L., Hattab, N., Daimi, H., Leban, N., Perrin, P, Lefranc, G., Ben Chibani, J.

Recovering probabilities for nucleotide trimming processes for T cell receptor TRA and TRG V-J junctions analyzed with IMGT tools

Bleakley, K., Lefranc, MP., Biau, G.

WHO-IUIS Nomenclature Subcommittee for immunoglobulins and T cell receptors report August 2007, 13th International Congress of Immunology, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lefranc MP

Germline Humanization of a Non-human Primate Antibody that Neutralizes the Anthrax Toxin, by in Vitro and in Silico Engineering.

Pelat T, Bedouelle H, Rees AR, Crennell SJ, Lefranc MP, Thullier P.

IMGT-ONTOLOGY, IMGT® databases, tools and Web resources for Immunoinformatics.

Lefranc MP

Novel and recurrent STAT3 mutations in hyper-IgE syndrome patients from different ethnic groups.

Jiao, H., Tóth, B., Erdős, M., Fransson, I., Rákóczi, E., Balogh, I., Magyarics, Z., Dérfalvi, B. Csorba, G., Szaflarska, A., Megarbane, A., Akatcherian, C., Dbaibo, G., Rajnavölgyi, E., Hammarström, L., Kere, J., Lefranc, G., Maródi, L

IMGT Colliers de Perles for IgSF domain standardization: The T cell costimulatory activatory (CD28, ICOS) and inhibitory (CTLA4, PDCD1 and BTLA) receptors

Garapati V.P. and Lefranc M.-P.

Genetic diseases in consanguineous families: Invaluable contribution to the fundamental research

Lefranc G

WHO-IUIS Nomenclature Subcommittee for immunoglobulins and T cell receptors report

Lefranc MP

IG, TR and IgSF, MHC and MhcSF: what do we learn from the IMGT Colliers de Perles?

Kaas, Q., Ehrenmann, F., Lefranc, MP.

Electron microscopic findings in skin biopsies from patients with infantile osteopetrosis and neuronal storage disease

Alroy, J., Pfannl, R., Ucci, A., Lefranc, G., Frattini, A., Mégarbané, A.

Le paradigme IMGT-ONTOLOGY

Giudicelli V. and Lefranc M.-P.

A high affinity, human-like antibody fragment (scFv) neutralising the lethal factor (LF) of Bacillus anthracis by inhibiting PA-LF complex formation

Pelat T., Hust M., Laffly E., Condemine F., Bottex C., Vidal D., Lefranc M.-P., Dubel S. and Thullier P.

C3 complement polymorphism in patients suffering from obstructive chronic bronchopneumopathy in Tunisia

Leban, N., Haj Khelil, A., Daimi, H., Denden, S., Slimene, F., Mehdouani, K., Abdennaji Guenounou, B., Lefranc, G., Perrin, P., Ben Chibani, J.

IMGT Colliers de Perles and IgSF domain standardization for T cell costimulatory activatory (CD28, ICOS) and inhibitory (CTLA4, PDCD1 and BTLA) receptors

Garapati, VP., Lefranc, MP.

Molecular study of six families originating from the Middle-East and presenting with autosomal recessive osteopetrosis.

Souraty N, Noun P, Djambas-Khayat C, Chouery E, Pangrazio A, Villa A, Lefranc G, Frattini A, Megarbane A.

Costimulatory receptors in jawed vertebrates: conserved CD28, odd CTLA4 and multiple BTLAs

Bernard, D., Hansen, JD., Du Pasquier, L., Lefranc, MP., Benmansour, A., Boudinot, P.

IMGT®, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system® for immunoinformatics. Methods for querying IMGT® databases, tools and Web resources in the context of immunoinformatics.

Lefranc , M.P.

Interactive IMGT on-line database and tool for the structural analysis of immunoglobulins, T cell receptors, MHC and related proteins of the immune system

Kaas, Q. and Lefranc, M.P.

IMGT Colliers de Perles: standardized sequence-structure representations of the IgSF and MhcSF superfamily domains

Kaas, Q., Lefranc, MP.

The genomic sequence of the bovine T cell receptor gamma TRG loci and localization of the TRGC5 cassette.

Conrad, ML., Mawer, MA., Lefranc, MP., McKinnell, L., Whitehead, J., Davis, SK., Pettman, R., Koop, BF.

Diversity in the Complementarity Determining Region 3 (CDR3) of Antibodies from mice with evolving anti-TSHR antibody responses.

Martinez O, Gangi E, Mordi D, Gupta S, Dorevitch S, Lefranc MP, Prabhakar BS.

IMGT®, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®, the reference in immunogenetics and immunoinformatics. In: Proceedings First International Congress on Macromolecular Biochemistry and Genetics. Gafsa, Tunisia, 12-16 April 2007.

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Structure-function relationships of the variable domains of monoclonal antibodies approved for cancer treatment

Magdelaine-Beuzelin, C., Kaas, Q., Wehbi, V., Ohresser, M., Jefferis, R., Lefranc, M.P., Watier, H.

Web sites of Interest to Immunologists.

Lefranc M.-P.

IMGT standardization for statistical analyses of T cell receptor junctions: the TRAV-TRAJ example


Chemiluminescent detection of clonal immunoglobulin and T cell receptor gene rearrangements in Tunisian lymphoid malignancies, leukemias and lymphomas.

Abed R.E., Khechine A.E., Omri H.E., Youssef S., Laatiri A., Lefranc M.-P., Khelif A., Soua Z

IMGT/GeneInfo: T cell receptor gamma TRG and delta TRD genes in database give access to all TR potential V(D)J recombinations

Baum T.P., Hierle V., Pascal N., Bellahcene F., Chaume D., Lefranc M.-P., Jouvin-Marche E., Marche P.N. and Demongeot J.

Mutations in OSTM1 (Grey Lethal) define a particular severe form of autosomal recessive osteopetrosis with neural involvement.

Pangrazio A., Poliani P.L., Mégarbané A., Lefranc G., Lanino E., Di Rocco M., Rucci F., Lucchini F., Ravanini M., Facchetti F., Abinun M., Vezzoni P., Villa A. and Frattini A.

Using bioinformatics tools for the sequence analysis of the immunoglobulins and T cell receptors.

Lefranc M.-P.

Bovine T cell receptor gamma variable and constant genes: combinatorial usage by circulating T cells

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Population structure in the Mediterranean basin: a Y chromosome perspective

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IMGT/LIGM-DB, the IMGT® comprehensive database of immunoglobulin and T cell receptor nucleotide sequences.

Giudicelli V., Duroux, P., Ginestoux C., Folch G., Jabado-Michaloud J., Chaume D. and Lefranc, M.-P.

A simple method to predict protein-binding from aligned sequences--application to MHC superfamily and beta2-microglobulin

Duprat, E, Lefranc, MP, Gascuel, O.

HLA-C molecular characterization of a Lebanese population and genetic structure of 39 populations from Europe to India-Pakistan

Buhler, S., Mégarbané, A., Lefranc, G., Tiercy, J.M. and Sanchez-Mazas, A.

PenBase, the shrimp antimicrobial peptide penaeidin database: sequence-based classification and recommended nomenclature.

Gueguen, Y., Garnier, J., Robert, L., Lefranc, M.-P., Mougenot, I., de Lorgeril, J., Janech, M., Gross, P., Warr, G., Cuthbertson, B., Barracco, M.A., Bulet, P., Aumela, A., Yang, Y., Bo, D., Xiang, J., Tassanakajon, A., Piquemal, D. and Bachère, E

Retrieving factual data and documents using IMGT-ML in the IMGT information system®

Chaume D. Combres K., Giudicelli V. and Lefranc M.-P.

IMGT-ONTOLOGY and IMGT databases, tools and Web resources for Immunoinformatics. From the IMGT genomics, genetics and structural approaches to IMGT-Choreography

Lefranc MP.

Immunogenetics sequence annotation: the strategy of IMGT based on IMGT-ONTOLOGY

Giudicelli, V., Chaume, D., Jabado-Michaloud, J. and Lefranc, M.-P.

MICA: standardized IMGT allele nomenclature, polymorphisms and diseases

Frigoul, A. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Selection of a macaque Fab with human-like framework regions, high affinity, and that neutralizes the protective antigen (PA) of Bacillus anthracis

Laffly, E., Danjou, L., Condemine, F., Vidal, D., Drouet, E., Lefranc, M.-P., Bottex, C. and Thullier, P.

IMGT unique numbering for standardized contact analysis of immunoglobulin/antigen and T cell receptor/peptide/MHC complexes

Kaas, Q., Chiche, L. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT-Choreography for Immunogenetics and Immunoinformatics

Lefranc, M.-P., Clément, O., Kaas, Q., Duprat, E., Chastellan, P., Coelho, I., Combres, K., Ginestoux, C., Giudicelli, V., Chaume, D. and Lefranc, G.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®: a standardized approach for immunogenetics and immunoinformatics

Lefranc, M.-P.

Interactive IMGT on-line tools for the analysis of immunoglobulin and T cell receptor repertoires

Giudicelli, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

T cell receptor/peptide/MHC molecular characterization and standardized pMHC contact sites in IMGT/3Dstructure-DB

Kaas, Q. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT unique numbering for MHC groove G-DOMAIN and MHC superfamily (MhcSF) G-LIKE-DOMAIN

Lefranc, M.-P., Duprat, E., Kaas, Q., Tranne, M., Thiriot, A. and Lefranc, G.

IMGT-Choreography: processing of complex immunogenetics knowledge.

Chaume, D., Giudicelli, V., Combres, K., Ginestoux, C. and Lefranc, M.P

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®

Lefranc, M.-P., Giudicelli, V., Kaas, Q., Duprat, E., Jabado-Michaloud, J., Scaviner, D., Ginestoux, C., Clément, O., Chaume, D., Lefranc, G.

IMGT/GENE-DB: a comprehensive database for human and mouse immunoglobulin and T cell receptor genes

Giudicelli, V., Chaume, D. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT unique numbering for immunoglobulin and T cell receptor constant domains and Ig superfamily C-like domains

Lefranc, M.-P., Pommié, C., Kaas, Q., Duprat, E., Bosc, N., Guiraudou, D., Jean, C., Ruiz, M., Da Piedade, I., Rouard, M., Foulquier, E., Thouvenin, V. and Lefranc, G.

Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) in Lebanon and Jordan: a population genetics study and report of three novel mutations.

Medlej-Hashim M, Serre JL, Corbani S, Saab O, Jalkh N, Delague V, Chouery E, Salem N, Loiselet J, Lefranc G, Mégarbané A.

IMGT-Choreography: processing of complex immunogenetics knowledge

Chaume, D., Giudicelli, V., Combres, K., Ginestoux, C. and Lefranc, M.-P.

[Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF): from diagnosis to treatment].

Medlej-Hashim M, Loiselet J, Lefranc G, Mégarbané A

IMGT standardization for alleles and mutations of the V-LIKE-DOMAINs and C-LIKE-DOMAINs of the immunoglobulin superfamily

Duprat E., Kaas Q., Garelle V., Lefranc G. and Lefranc M.-P.

IMGT/3Dstructure-DB and IMGT/StructuralQuery, a database and a tool for immunoglobulin, t cell receptor and MHC structural data.

Kaas, Q., Ruiz, M. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT/JunctionAnalysis : the first tool for the analysis of the immunoglobulin and T cell receptor complex V-J and V-D-J JUNCTIONs

Yousfi Monod M., Giudicelli V., Chaume D. and Lefranc M.-P.

A high affinity macaque antibody Fab with human-like framework regions obtained from a small immune phage display library.

Chassagne, S., Laffly, E., Drouet, E., Herodin, F., Lefranc, M.-P. and Thullier, P.

IMGT/V-QUEST, an integrated software for immunoglobulin and T cell receptor V-J and V-D-J rearrangement analysis.

Giudicelli V., Chaume D. and Lefranc M.-P.

Characterization of human FCGR3B*02 (HNA-1b, NA2) cDNAs and IMGT standardized description of FCGR3B alleles

Bertrand, G., Duprat, E., Lefranc, M.-P., Marti, J. and Coste, J.

Immunoglobulin lambda (IGL) genes of human and mouse

Lefranc, M.-P. and Lefranc, G.

IMGT/GeneInfo: enhancing V(D)J recombination database accessibility

Baum, P., Pasqual, N., Thuderoz, F., Hierle, V., Chaume, D., Lefranc, M.-P., Jouvin-Marche, E., Marche, N., and Demongeot, J.

IMGT standardized criteria for statistical analysis of immunoglobulin V-REGION amino acid properties

Pommié, C., Levadoux, S., Sabatier, R., Lefranc, G. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Ichthyosis Follicularis, Alopecia, and Photophobia (IFAP) syndrome: report of a new family with additional features and review

Mégarbané, H., Zablit, C., Waked, N., Lefranc, G., Tomb, R. and Mégarbané, A.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®

Lefranc, M-P.

Amyloidosis in familial Mediterranean fever patients: correlation with MEFV genotype-phenotype correlation and SAA1 and MICA polymorphisms effects

Medlej-Hashim, M., Delague, V., Chouery, E., Salem, N., Rawashdeh, M., Lefranc, G., Loiselet, J., and Mégarbané, A.

IMGT-ONTOLOGY for Immunogenetics and Immunoinformatics (

Lefranc, M.-P., Giudicelli, V., Ginestoux, C., Bosc, N., Folch, G., Guiraudou, D., Jabado-Michaloud, J., Magris, S., Scaviner, D., Thouvenin, V., Combres,K., Girod, D., Jeanjean, S., Protat, C., Yousfi-Monod, M., Duprat, E., Kaas, Q., Pommié, C., C

IMGT-ONTOLOGY and IMGT databases, tools and web resources for immunogenetics and immunoinformatics

Lefranc, M.-P.

Local application of IGF1 on dental pulp mechanically exposed; in vivo study on rabbit

Haddad, M., Lefranc, G. and Aftimos, G.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system, the reference in immunoinformatics.

Lefranc, M.-P., Giudicelli, V., Ginestoux, C. and Chaume, D.

IMGT unique numbering for immunoglobulin and T cell receptor variable domains and Ig superfamily V-like domains

Lefranc, M.-P., Pommié, C., Ruiz, M., Giudicelli, V., Foulquier, E., Truong, L., Thouvenin-Contet, V. and Lefranc, G.

Joining the pillars of Hercules: mtDNA sequences show multidirectional gene flow in the Western Mediterranean

Plaza, S., Calafell, F., Helal, A., Bouzerna, N., Lefranc, G., Bertranpetit, J. and Comas, D.

IMGT® databases, web resources and tools for immunoglobulin and T cell receptor sequence analysis,

Lefranc, M.-P.

Editorial - The International ImMunoGeneTics database IMGT

Warr, G.W., Clem, L.W. and Söderhall, K.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®, -

Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT-ONTOLOGY: gestion et découverte de connaissances au sein d'IMGT

Giudicelli, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT Locus in Focus: The mouse (Mus musculus) T cell receptor alpha (TRA) and delta (TRD) variable genes

Bosc, N. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics database®,

Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT/PhyloGene: an online software package for phylogenetic analysis of immunoglobulin and T cell receptor genes

Elemento, O and Lefranc, M.-P.

An efficient and accurate distance based algorithm to reconstruct tandem duplication trees

Elemento, O. and Gascuel, O.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics database : a high-quality information system for comparative immunogenetics and immunology

Lefranc, M-P

Evidence for Balancing Selection from Nucleotide Sequence Analyses of Human G6PD

Verrelli, B.C., McDonald, J.H., Argyropoulos, G., Destro-Bisol, G., Froment, A., Drousiotou, A., Lefranc, G., Helal, A.N., Loiselet, J. and Tishkoff, S.A.

Asymptomatic deficiency in the peptide transporter associated to antigen processing (TAP)

De la Salle, H., Saulquin, X., Mansour, I., Klaymé, S., Fricker, D., Zimmer, J., Cazenave, J-P., Hanau, D., Bonneville, M., Houssaint, E., Lefranc, G. and Naman, R.

The human anti-thyroid peroxidase autoantibody repertoire in Graves' and Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid diseases

Chardes, T., Chapal, N., Bresson, D., Bes, C., Giudicelli, V., Lefranc, M-P and Peraldi-Roux, S.


Lefranc, M.-P. and Lefranc, G.

IMGT gene identification and Colliers de Perles of human immunoglobulin with know 3D structures

Ruiz, M. and Lefranc, M-P.

Familial mediterranean fever: the potential for misdiagnosis of E148V using the E148Q usual RFLP detection method

Medlej-Hashim, M., Salem, N., Chouery, E., Rawashdeh, M., Delague, V., Haffar, M., Mansour, I., Naman, R., Lefranc, G., Loiselet, J. and Megarbané A.

Reconstructing the duplication history of tandemly repeated genes

Elemento, O., Gascuel, O. and Lefranc, M-P.

Nomenclature and overview of the mouse (Mus musculus and Mus sp.) immunoglobulin kappa (IGK) genes

Martinez-Jean C., Folch, G. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Familial mediterranean fever: association of elevated IgD plasma levels with specific MEFV mutations

Medlej-Hashim, M., Petit, I., Adib, S., Chouery, E., Salem, N., Delague, V., Rawashdeh, M., Mansour, I., Lefranc, G., Naman, R., Loiselet, J., Lecron, J.-C., Serre, J.-L. and Megarbané A.

Haplotype diversity and linkage disequilibrium at human G6PD: recent origin of alleles that confer malarial resistance

Tishkoff, S.A., Varkonyi, R., Cahinhinan, N., Abbes, S., Argyropoulos, G., Destro-Bisol, G., Drousiotou, A;, Dangerfield, B., Lefranc, G., Loiselet, J., Piro, A., Stoneking, M., Tagarelli, A., Tagarelli, G., Touma, E.H., Williams, S.M. and Clark, A.G


Chaume, D., Giudicelli, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

DNA sequence variability of IGHG3 genes associated to the main G3m haplotypes in human populations

Dard, P., Lefranc, M.-P., Osipova, L., Sanchez-Mazas, A.

The Immunoglobulin FactsBook

Lefranc, M.-P., and Lefranc, G.

IGHV3 associated restriction fragment length polymorphisms confer susceptibility to bullous pemphigoid

Raux, G., Gilbert, D., Joly, P., Martel, P., Roujeau, J.-C., Prost, C., Lefranc, M.-P., Tron, F.

Nomenclature of the human immunoglobulin lambda (IGL) genes

Lefranc, M.-P.

Pathophysiology of limb girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A: hypothesis and new insights in the IkappaBalpha/NF-kappaB survival pathway

Baghdiguian, S., Richard, I., Martin, M., Coopman, P., Beckmann, J.S., Mangeat, P., Lefranc, G.

The T cell Receptor FactsBook

Lefranc, M.-P., and Lefranc, G.

A study of GM allotypes and gamma immunoglobulins heavy chain genes in Berbers, Arabs and sub-Saharan Africans from the Jerba Island (Tunisia)

Yacoubi Loveslati, B., Sanchez-Mazas, A., Ennafaa, H., Marrakchi, R., Dugoujon, J.-M., Lefranc, M.-P., Ben Ammar Elgaaied, A.

Nomenclature of the human immunoglobulin heavy (IGH) genes

Lefranc, M.-P.

Nomenclature of the human immunoglobulin kappa (IGK) genes

Lefranc, M.-P.

Familial Mediterranean Fever in Lebanon: mutation spectrum, evidence for cases in Maronites, Greek Orthodoxes, Greek Catholics, Syriacs and Chiites and for an association between Amyloidosis and M694V and M694I mutations

Mansour, I., Delague, V., Cazeneuve, C., Dode, C., Chouery, E., Pecheux, C., Medlej-Hachim, M., Salem, N., Al Zein, L., Levan-Petit, I., Lefranc, G., Goossens, M., Delpech, M., Amselem, S., Megarbane, A., Grateau, G., Loiselet, J. and Naman, R.

A worldwide analysis of AG molecular diversity inferred from serology

Sanchez-Mazas, A., Bütler-Brunner, E., Bütler, R., Calderon, R., Chaventre, A., Dugoujon, J.-M.,Hammond, M., Lefranc, G., Matsumoto, H., Osipova, L., Politis, C., Pullman, R. and Langaney, A.

The Mouse (Mus musculus) T cell Receptor Delta Variable (TRDV), Diversity (TRDD), and Joining (TRDJ) Genes

Bosc, N., Contet, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT, the International ImMunoGeneTics database.

Lefranc, M.-P.

Nomenclature of the human T cell Receptor genes

Lefranc, M.-P.

The Human T cell Receptor Alpha Joining (TRAJ) Genes

Scaviner, D. and Lefranc, M.-P.

The Human T cell Receptor Beta Diversity (TRBD) and Beta Joining (TRBJ) Genes

Folch, G. and Lefranc, M.-P.

The Teleostei Immunoglobulin Heavy IGH Genes

Artero, S. and Lefranc, M.-P.

The Teleostei Immunoglobulin Light IGL1 and IGL2 V, J and C Genes

Artero, S. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Protein displays of the Human T cell Receptor Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Variable and Joining Regions

Folch, G., Scaviner, D., Contet, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Locus Maps and Genomic Repertoire of the Human T cell Receptor Genes

Lefranc, M.-P.

Characterisation and specificity of two single-chain Fv antibodies directed to the protein tyrosine kinase Syk

Péneff, C., Lefranc M.-P. and Dariavach, P.

Genetic screening of fourteen mutations in jordanian familial mediterranean fever patients

Medlej-Hashim, M., Rawashdeh, M., Chouery, E., Mansour, I., Delague, V., Lefranc, G., Naman, R., Loiselet, J. and Mégarbané, A.

Locus Maps and Genomic Repertoire of the Human Immunoglobulin Genes

Lefranc, M.-P.

Web sites of Interest to Immunologists

Lefranc, M.-P.

Nomenclature of the human immunoglobulin genes

Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics database.

Ruiz, M., Giudicelli, V., Ginestoux, C., Stoehr, P., Robinson, J., Bodmer, J., Marsh, S.G., Bontrop, R., Lemaitre, M., Lefranc, G., Chaume, D. and Lefranc, M.-P.

The human T cell Receptor Alpha Variable (TRAV) Genes.

Scaviner, D. and Lefranc, M.-P.

The human T cell receptor beta variable (TRBV) genes.

Folch, G. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT sequence profile: a standardized visualization for the immunoglobulin and T cell receptor V-REGIONs applicable to other protein alignments

Ruiz, M. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Loss of calpain 3 proteolytic activity leads to muscular dystrophy and to apoptosis-associated IkappaBalpha/NF-kappaB pathway perturbation in mice

Richard, I., Roudaut, C., Marchand, S., Baghdiguian, S., Herasse, M., Stockholm, D., Ono, Y., Suel, L., Bourg, N., Sorimachi, H., Lefranc, G., Fardeau, M., Sebille, A. and Bexkmann, J.S.

The Mouse (Mus musculus) T cell Receptor Beta Variable (TRBV), Diversity (TRBD), and Joining (TRBJ) Genes

Bosc, N. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT ImMunoGeneTics Database

Lefranc, M.-P.

Alu insertion polymorphisms in Northwest Africa and the Iberian Peninsula: evidence for a strong genetic boundary through the Gilbraltar Straits

Comas, D., Calafell, F., Benchemsi, N., Helal, A., Lefranc, G., Stoneking, M., Batzer, M.A., Bertranpetit, J. and Sajantila, A.

IMGT (ImMunoGénéTique), base de données internationale spécialisée et intégrée en Immunogénétique

Giudicelli, V., Chaume, D. and Lefranc M-P.

Towards database interoperability, ontologies and biological data mining

Chaume, D.

BamHI-SacI RFLP and Gm analysis of the immunoglobulin IGHG genes in the Northern Selkups (West Siberia) : new haplotypes with deletion, duplication and triplication.

Osipova, L.P., Posukh, O.L., Wiebe, V.P., Miyazaki, T., Matsumoto, H., Lefranc, G. and Lefranc, M.-P.

The human immunoglobulin heavy variable (IGHV) genes.

Pallarès, N., Lefebvre, S., Contet, V., Matsuda, F. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT, base de données internationale en ImMunoGénétique,

Ruiz, M., Giudicelli, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Calpaïne 3 et dystrophie musculaire des ceintures de type 2A

Herasse, M., Baghdigian, S., Fougerousse, F., Martin, M., Stockhlom, D., Beckmann, J.S., Lefranc, G. and Richard, I.

Protein displays of the human immunoglobulin heavy, kappa and lambda variable and joining regions.

Scaviner, D., Barbié, V., Ruiz, M. and Lefranc, M.-P.

The Human Immunoglobulin Heavy Diversity (IGHD) and Joining (IGHJ) segments.

Ruiz, M., Pallarès, N., Contet, V., Barbie, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Allelic polymorphisms and RFLP in the human immunoglobulin lambda light chain locus.

Lefranc, M.-P., Pallarès, N. and Frippiat, J.-P.

Trends and challenges of Bioinformatics.

Lefranc, M.-P.

The IMGT unique numbering for Immunoglobulins, T cell receptors and Ig-like domains.

Lefranc, M.-P.

Ontology for Immunogenetics : IMGT-ONTOLOGY.

Giudicelli, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Towards database interoperability, ontologies and biological data mining.

Chaume, D.

Calpain 3 deficiency is associated with myonuclear apoptosis and profound perturbation of the IB/NF-B pathway in limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A.

Baghdiguian, S., Martin, M., Richard, I., Pons, F., Astier, C., Bourg, N., Hay, R., Chemaly, R., Halaby, G., Loiselet, J., Anderson, L., Lopez de Munain, A., Fardeau, M., Mangeat, P., Beckmann, J. and Lefranc, G.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics database.

Lefranc, M.-P., Giudicelli, V., Ginestoux, C., Bodmer, J., Müller, W., Bontrop, R., Lemaître, M., Malik, A., Barbié, V. and Chaume, D.

The mouse (Mus musculus) immunoglobulin kappa variable (IGKV) genes and joining (IGKJ) segments.

Martinez, C. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Detection of antigen receptor gene rearrangements in lymphoproliferative malignancies by fluorescent polymerase chain reaction.

Kerlan-Candon, S., Soua, Z., Lefranc, M.-P., Clot, J. and Eliaou, J.-F.

PreB1 (CD10-) acute lymphoblastic leukaemia : immunophenotypic and genomic characteristics, clinical features and outcome in 38 adults and 26 children.

Lenormand, B., Béné, M.C., Lesesve, J.F., Bastard, C., Tilly, H., Lefranc, M.-P., Faure, G.-C., Garand, R., Falkenrodt, A., Kandel, G., Solary, E., Maynadié, M., Callat, M.-P., Thouret, F., Monconduit, M., Vannier, J.-P. and The Groupe d'Etude Immuno

IMGT, the International ImMunoGeneTics database.

Lefranc, M.-P., Giudicelli, V., Busin, C., Bodmer, J., Muller, W., Bontrop, R., Lemaitre, M., Malik, A. and Chaume, D.

Quelle génétique demain

Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics database,

Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT Locus on Focus : a new section of Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics.

Lefranc, M.-P.

Role of JAK3 in CD40-mediated signaling.

Jabara, H.H., Buckley, R.H., Roberts, J.L., Lefranc, G., Loiselet, J., Khalil, G. and Geha, R.S.

Présentation à la surface du phage filamenteux : les multiples applications du phage display.

Souriau, C., Hua, T.D., Lefranc, M.-P. and Weill, M.

IMGT/LIGM-DB : a systematized approach for ImMunoGeneTics database coherence and data distribution improvement.

Giudicelli, V., Chaume, D. and Lefranc, M.-P.

Molecular and biochemical characterization of JAK3 deficiency in a patient with severe combined immunodeficiency over 20 years after bone marrow transplantation : implications for treatment.

Bozzi, F., Lefranc, G., Villa, A., Badolato, R., Schumacher, R.F., Khalil, G., Loiselet, J., Bresciani, S., O'Shea, J.J., Vezzoni, P., Notarangelo, L.D. and Candotti, F.

Influence of Intron lenght and its influence on Alternative Splicing of CD44.

Bell, M.V., Cowper, A.E., Lefranc, M.-P., Bell, J.I. and Screaton, G.R.

IMGT/PRIMER-DB ( - Une base de données pour la construction de banques combinatoires de fragments d'anticorps et de peptides.

Barbié, V., Lemaitre, M. and Lefranc, M.-P.

The human immunoglobulin kappa variable (IGKV) genes and joining (IGKJ) segments.

Barbié, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

A genetic study of the south Altaian population of the Mendur-Sokkon village, Altai Republic.

Posukh, O.L., Osipova, L.P., Kashinskaya, Y.O., Ivakin, E.A., Kryukov, Y.A., Karafet, T.M., Kazakovtseva, M.A., Skobel'Tsina, L.M., Crawford, M.G., Lefranc, M.-P. and Lefranc, G.

IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics database: a new Design for Immunogenetics Data Access

Giudicelli, V., Chaume, D., Mennessier, G., Althaus, H.-H., Müller, W., Bodmer, J., Malik, A. and Lefranc, M.-P.

IMGT Locus on Focus - The human immunoglobulin lambda variable (IGLV) genes and joining (IGLJ) segments.

Pallares, N., Frippiat, J.P., Giudicelli, V. and Lefranc, M.-P.

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Subject: Genomic and biocuration study of antigen receptor loci in jawed vertebrate species involved in biotechnology research
Thesis supervision of Mrs DEBBAGH CHAHRAZED (thesis 1A 2020-2023)
Thesis director: Sofia KOSSIDA 25% of the thesis
Supervisors: Veronique GIUDICELLI 25%, Geraldine FOLCH 25%, Joumana JABADO-MICHALOUD 25
Funding: Algerian excellence grant

Subject: Artificial intelligence applied to immunogenetics
Thesis direction of Mr ELAZAMI ELHASSANI Merouane (thesis 2A 2020-2023)
Thesis director: Sofia KOSSIDA 25%,
Supervisors: Loïc MAISONNASSE 50% (ATOS), Patrice Duroux 25%.
Funding: CIFRE grant with ATOS

Subject: Exploring and visualising the specific immune response after immunisation, VISIMMU
Thesis direction of Mrs GORET Agathe (thesis 1A 2020-2023)
Thesis director: Sofia KOSSIDA 25%,
Supervisors: Catherine PRADES 25% (SANOFI), Veronique GIUDICELLI 25%, Patrice DUROUX 25%.
Funding: CIFRE grant with SANOFI

Subject: IMGT approach for the prediction and analysis of epitope-paratope interaction
by Anjana Kushwaha
Thesis direction of Ms KUSHWAHA Anjana (thesis 1A 2020-2023)
Supervisors: Sofia KOSSIDA 25%, Konstantin TODOROV 25% (LIRMM),
Supervisors: Veronique GIUDICELLI 25%, Patrice DUROUX 25% (LIRMM)
Funding: co-financing by the Region

Subject: A knowledge base in immunogenetics for the discovery of new scientific knowledge within IMGT®.
Thesis direction of Mr SANOU Gaoussou (thesis 1A 2020-2023)
Thesis supervisors: Sofia KOSSIDA 25%, Konstantin TODOROV 25% (LIRMM),
Supervisors: Veronique GIUDICELLI 25%, Patrice DUROUX 25% (LIRMM)
Funding: CBS2 doctoral contract

Subject: In silico characterisation of immunoglobulin and T cell receptor gene repertoires in Mus musculus inbred strains
by Anna Tran
Thesis direction of Mrs TRAN Anna (thesis 2A 2020-2023)
Supervisor: Sofia KOSSIDA 25%,
Supervisors: Veronique GIUDICELLI 25%, Geraldine FOLCH 50%.
Funding: IMGT's own resources 

Theses directed by Marie-Paule Lefranc and Gérard Lefranc: