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MCM8- and MCM9 Deficiencies Cause Lifelong Increased Hematopoietic DNA Damage Driving p53- Dependent Myeloid Tumors

Malik Lutzmann, Florence Bernex, Cindy da Costa de Jesus, Dana Hodroj, Caroline Marty, Isabelle Plo, William Vainchenker, Marie Tosolini, Luc Forichon, Caroline Bret, Sophie Queille, Candice Marchive, Jean-Sébastien Hoffmann, Marcel Méchali

2019 - Cell Reports, 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.07.095

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In utero exposure to acetaminophen and ibuprofen leads to intergenerational accelerated reproductive aging in female mice

Rossitto M, Ollivier M, Déjardin S, Pruvost A, Brun C, Marchive C, Nguyen AL, Ghettas A, Keime C, de Massy B, Poulat F, Philibert Pand Boizet-Bonhoure B

2019 - Communications Biology vol 2, 310 (2019)

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Advances in epigenetics link genetics to the environment and disease

Giacomo Cavalli and Edith Heard

2019 - Nature, 10.1038/s41586-019-1411-0

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Diversification of small RNA amplification mechanisms for targeting transposon-related sequences in ciliates.

Mutazono M, Noto T, Mochizuki K.

2019 - Proc Natl Acad Sci USA

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Combination of metformin with sodium selenite induces a functional phenotypic switch of human GM-CSF monocyte-derived macrophages.

Meziane W, Mekkaoui Z, Hai I, Kacimi K, Djilali K, Touil-Boukoffa C, Lefranc G, Fernandez A, Lamb N, Mennechet F, Aribi M

2019 - Int Immunopharmacol, 73:212-224

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Metazoan DNA replication origins

Ganier O., Prorok P, Akerman I. , and Méchali M.

2019 - Curr. Opinion in Cell Biol.

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Involvement of G-quadruplex regions in mammalian replication origin activity

Prorok P., Artufel, M., Aze, A., Coulombe, P., Peifer I., Lacroix L., Guédin A., Mergny J.L., Damaschke J., Schepers, A., Ballester, B., and Méchali, M.

2019 - Nature Com.

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OBI1, an ORC ubiquitin ligase promoting DNA replication origin firing

Coulombe P, Nassar J, Peiffer I, Stanojcic S, Sterkers Y, Delamarre A, Bocquet S. and Méchali M.

2019 - Nature Com.

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Mouse ANKRD31 Regulates Spatiotemporal Patterning of Meiotic Recombination Initiation and Ensures Recombination between X and Y Sex Chromosomes.

Papanikos F, Clément JAJ, Testa E, Ravindranathan R, Grey C, Dereli I, Bondarieva A, Valerio-Cabrera S, Stanzione M, Schleiffer A, Jansa P, Lustyk D, Fei JF, Adams IR, Forejt J, Barchi M, de Massy B, Toth A

2019 - Mol Cell

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Inhibition of Ataxia-Telangiectasia Mutated and RAD3-related (ATR) overcomes oxaliplatin resistance and promotes anti-tumor immunity in colorectal cancer.

Combes E, Andrade AF, Tosi D, Michaud HA, Coquel F, Garambois V, Desigaud D, Jarlier M, Coquelle A, Pasero P, Bonnefoy N, Moreaux J, Martineau P, Del Rio M, Beijersbergen RL, Vezzio-Vie N, Gongora C

2019 - Cancer Res

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Principles of genome folding into topologically associating domains.

Szabo Q, Bantignies F, Cavalli G

2019 - Sci Adv, 5(4):eaaw1668

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Inconsistencies and Limitations of Current MicroRNA Target Identification Methods.

Mockly S, Seitz H

2019 - Methods Mol Biol, 1970:291-314

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Inferred Allelic Variants of Immunoglobulin Receptor Genes: A System for Their Evaluation, Documentation, and Naming.

Ohlin M, Scheepers C, Corcoran M, Lees WD, Busse CE, Bagnara D, Thörnqvist L, Bürckert JP, Jackson KJL, Ralph D, Schramm CA, Marthandan N, Breden F, Scott J, Matsen Iv FA, Greiff V, Yaari G, Kleinstein SH, Christley S, Sherkow JS, Kossida S, Lefranc MP, van Zelm MC, Watson CT, Collins AM

2019 - Front Immunol, 10:435

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Sex chromosome quadrivalents in oocytes of the African pygmy mouse Mus minutoides that harbors non-conventional sex chromosomes.

Baudat F, de Massy B, Veyrunes F

2019 - Chromosoma

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Editorial: miRNA Regulatory Pathways in Metazoans. Advances From in vivo and ex vivo Studies.

Amar L, Seitz H

2019 - Front Genet, 10:147

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On the number of functional microRNA targets.

Seitz H

2019 - Mol Biol Evol

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Two-drug vs. three-drug combinations for HIV-1: Do we have enough data to make the switch?

Moreno S, Perno CF, Mallon PW, Behrens G, Corbeau P, Routy JP, Darcis G

2019 - HIV Med, 20 Suppl 4:2-12

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Overexpression of Claspin and Timeless protects cancer cells from replication stress in a checkpoint-independent manner.

Bianco JN, Bergoglio V, Lin YL, Pillaire MJ, Schmitz AL, Gilhodes J, Lusque A, Mazières J, Lacroix-Triki M, Roumeliotis TI, Choudhary J, Moreaux J, Hoffmann JS, Tourrière H, Pasero P

2019 - Nat Commun, 10(1):910

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Microscopy-Based Chromosome Conformation Capture Enables Simultaneous Visualization of Genome Organization and Transcription in Intact Organisms.

Cardozo Gizzi AM, Cattoni DI, Fiche JB, Espinola SM, Gurgo J, Messina O, Houbron C, Ogiyama Y, Papadopoulos GL, Cavalli G, Lagha M, Nollmann M

2019 - Mol Cell

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Cell Fate and Developmental Regulation Dynamics by Polycomb Proteins and 3D Genome Architecture.

Loubiere V, Martinez AM, Cavalli G

2019 - Bioessays, 41(3):e1800222

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