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Drosophila adult brain developmental molecular genetics

Drosophila adult brain developmental molecular genetics is a youg science which is gaining momentum. We can raisonably foresee that the gene cascades at work during brain development will be conserved in mammals.

In Drosophila, recent techniques are now available and allow to work efficiently on this topic.

Mushroom bodies (MB) may be considered as the mamalian hippocampus analogue are an excellent model in order to study brain development. Each MB neuroblast generates, in a sequential fashion, three distinct classes of neurons.
First the γ then the α'β' and finally the αβ neurons appear during development.

MB are essential for several forms of learning and memory.

We have introduced in the laboratory a memory paradigm based on male courtship behavior (in collaboration with M.L. Parmentier and Y. Grau, IGF).
Therefore we are able to correlate a developing brain structure and its fonction.

Jean-Maurice DURA


Clarisse Perron
Clarisse PERRON

Daphné Cayron


Publications of the team

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