Grant office

The Grant Office helps the researchers of the Institute apply to public and private funding programmes to carry out their research activities. Set up within the IGH premises at the nearest of all research teams, the Office collaborates closely with the central administrative services of the CNRS and the University of Montpellier. It implements a regular monitoring on existing calls of proposals and provides a technical and administrative support to the project engineering. The Grant Office also ensures that the implementation of funded projects complies with the contractual obligations.

Numerous funding programmes are targeted:

  • at the national level, the Office deals with the research funding agencies (ANR, ANRS, INCa, etc.), the regional funds (FEDER, Région Occitanie) but also the private foundations and charity organisations (FRM, Ligue contre le Cancer, Fonds MSDAvenir, etc.) ;
  • at the international level, funding search mostly focuses on the actions of the European Framework Programme Horizon 2020 (individual ERC and Marie Sklodoska-Curie grants, collaborative projects of the FET or Health programmes), on the NIH and Human Frontier Science programmes and on the various private foundations (Fondation Leducq, Worldwide Cancer Research, amfAR, etc.).

The international activity of the Grant Office is delivered to 3 research units on the Campus Arnaud de Villeneuve : the Institute of Human Genetics, the Institute for Functional Genomics and the “Centre de Biochimie Structurale”.

Sandra Castang
Chargé de valorisation et partenariat

Franc Pattus

Celine Prono
Celine PRONO
Head of Administration and Management

Kapitolina Synytsina
Kapitolina SYNYTSINA
European project manager

MONTEIL Marianne
MONTEIL Marianne
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