Mini-Symposium on Small regulatory RNAs: from biogenesis to function Non-coding RNA, epigenetics and genome stability


8h30-9h00 : Welcome
9h00-9h10 Séverine CHAMBEYRON Introduction
9h10-9h50 Ramesh PILLAI Piwi protein-directed piRNA biogenesis
9h50-10h30 Mikiko SIOMI Vasa in piRNA biogenesis
10h30-10h50 Yuica KOGA Analysis of molecular contribution of mitochondrial scaffold protein to piRISC maturation
11h20-12h00 Charlotte GRIMAUD Deciphering Piwi-dependent transcriptional silencing
12h00-12h20 Marion VAROQUI Transposable element biology : from their awakening to their new integration in the host genome
14h00-14h40 Vincent COLOT trans-acting small RNAs determine the potential for TE-associated epiallelic variation in plants
14h40-15h20 Hervé SEITZ microRNA target identification: insights from the evolutionary history of microRNA families
15h20-16h00 Haru SIOMI Mouse embryonic development requires transposable element expression
16h00-16h40 Martine SIMONELIG mRNA regulation by piRNAs in Drosophila
16h40-17h20 Kazufumi MOCHIZUKI Small RNA-directed programmed genome rearrangement in Tetrahymena
17h20 : Concluding discussions