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Theses and HDR

Regulations of small RNA turnover during programmed DNA removal in Tetrahymena
Defended by Salman Shehzada on october 28th 2022 under the direction of Kazufumi Mochizuki

Study of the role of RNases H proteins in the cellular response to replication stress
Defended by Samira Kemiha on 14/04/2022 under the supervision of Armelle Lengronne and Jérôme Poli 

How do cells coordinate replication and transcription?
By Jérôme Poli on 08/04/2022

Characterization of a Novel Role of LNG3 in the Maintenance of Genome Stability
Defended by Rana Lebdy on 18/03/2022 under the supervision of Cyril Ribeyre

Interplay between meiotic recombination and chromosome organization in mouse
Defended by Mathilde Biot on 11/03/2022 under the supervision of Bernard De Massy

Impact of cytosolic nucleic acids on antitumor immunity in a glioblastoma model
Defended by Johanna MARINES under the supervision of Dr. Karima Kissa & Dr. Nadine Laguette

Reciprocal regulation between microRNAs and their targets
Defended by Sophie Mockly on 08/12/2021 under the supervision of Hervé Seitz

Role of protein condensation in response to DNA damage
By Jihane Basbous the 02/12/2021

Role of NF90 in the miRNA pathway
Defended by Giuseppa Grasso on 08/11/2021 under the supervision of Rosemary Kiernan